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    If you wish to understand everything about sustainable, eco-friendly fashion in order to be able to make the best informed choices when buying: our book is made for you! It aims to bring a clear and factual reflection about the way we consume fashion nowadays, beginning with a brief historical background on the emergence of fashion as a sociological phenomenon and its progressive spread towards the general public. The following chapters will shed light on the different steps of textile production in order to encourage a fuller understanding of all the processes involved in the industry. The Guide also offers advice on how to better choose our clothes and fashion accessories in shops or online, some personal reflections on shopping as well as practical advice on creating and maintaining your own eco-responsible wardrobe. Throughout your reading you will discover testimonies from fashion and textile industry stakeholders that will illustrate our research through their experience in the field, their anecdotes and their actions to make the fashion industry more ecological, responsible and virtuous.


    Editions Mango / Fleurus Edition 2020


  • Authors

    Alice Lehoux and Natacha Ruiz met at ISTA, the fashion business school dedicated to fashion, textiles and leather, at the Alsace campus in 2008. After having spent two years at the ISTA each took a different path, one went to Asia whilst the other explored the United States. Along the course of their careers, something clicked making them both drastically change their way of consuming fashion. By the end of 2016 they met in Paris and shared their experiences from the exciting universe of sustainable and ethical fashion. From that exchange a new wish was born: to create this guide, the result of their complementary experiences that they have decided to share to encourage their readers to become actors for better fashion.

    Alice Lehoux

    Photo Credit : Ana Puerto

    A long time textile enthusiast, Alice’s great-grandparents worked in the linen industry in France and Belgium. She studied textile product management and after getting some experience as a social auditor she now works as a social conformity manager. Over the last 10 years, she has worked in the ready-to-wear industry as a product manager and a production manager, but also as a university teacher and has created her own ready-to-wear menswear brand in Asia. During her expat experience in Vietnam, she felt the need to go back to France in order to assist brands to find more sustainable methods that are entirely respectful of human beings and of the environment. In light of her experiences of the production conditions in the field she decided that it is time to act and that a radical change of business model in the textile industry is possible.

    Natacha Ruiz

    Photo Credit : Rosario Valente

    An eclectic serial-entrepreneur, she studied communications, then marketing and fashion business training courses at ISTA, combined with Fashion & Design courses taken during her studies in New York. It is through cooperating with ethical and sustainable brands that something clicked, her diverse experiences with French and international brands (particularly with the French Federation of women’s ready-to-wear) encouraged her to create her own enterprise. She co-founded a company specialised in promoting and selling sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands in Paris. Following many entrepreneurial adventures, since 2017 she has been developing a company which reflects her own personality allying art, sustainable fashion, design and lifestyle: Poesia.

    Find her vision and project on natacharuiz.com and her company Poesia.

  • Thanks

    We thank to all the people that made their contribution in the creation of this guide.

    Mélanie Jean (Fleurus Editions) - Elléore Bomstein (Responsable RSE) - Julie Zeitline - Pauline Grasset - Jean Pierre Mocho (JPS Conseils, La Chaire Bali) - Hélène Sarfati-Leduc (Le French Bureau) - Isabelle Quéhé (Universal Love) - Cléa Polar (Coco&Rico) - Arielle Lévy (Une Autre Mode et Possible / Very Good Agency) - Annick Jeanne (Plateau Fertile) - Rym Trabelsi (Clear Fashion) - Mathilde de Sacy (Olly Lingerie) - Blaise Desbordes et Mélanie Larquier (Max Havelaar) - Grégoire Guyon (Armor Lux) - Catherine Dauriac (La Fabrique Idéale, Fashion Revolution France) - Sandra Baldini (Eco Tlc) - Adèle Rinck - Flora Douville (La Méta®) - Eloïse Moigno (Sloweare) - Suman Bethapudi (C&A)- Cécile-Jeanne Gayrard (Hummade) - Philippe Lévêque (Ecofrugal Project) - Karine Leclercq (La Maison du Savoir Faire et de la Création, Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) - Jennifer Maumont (Jules & Jenn) - Sakina Ms'a (Sakina M'sa, Front de Mode) - Nayla Ajaltouni (Collectif Ethique sur l'étiquette) - Caroline Lejamble (Greeny Bird Dress) - Ali Rakib (Forweavers) - Anne Perwuelz (École nationale supérieure des arts et industries textiles, école d'ingénieurs textile de Roubaix) - Francesca Giometti (AQM EUROFIN) - Valentin July (ZDHC) - Thomas Radal - Linda Mai Phung - Kevin Bresson (Main Gauche) - Equipe de D.A.W.N - Wenhua Duvergé - SKFK - Misericordia - Bag Affair - Alexis Walsh - Label ECOCERT - Label ECOLABEL - Textile Exchange (label G.O.T.S, G.R.S, R.W.S) - Amfori BSCI - FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION - FSC - NATURLEDER - Label OEKO-TEX - Label France Terre Textile - Label Origine France Garantie


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